JCA378 USB Type-C to VGA & USB 3.0 with Power Delivery

JCA378 USB Type-C to VGA & USB 3.0 with Power  Delivery JCA378 USB Type-C to VGA & USB 3.0 with Power  Delivery JCA378 USB Type-C to VGA & USB 3.0 with Power  Delivery JCA378 USB Type-C to VGA & USB 3.0 with Power  Delivery

USB Type-C to VGA & USB 3.0 with Power Delivery JCA378 provides extra connectivity from your computer with 5Gb/s faster transfer speed. These pocket-sized Multi- adapters allow you to add an additional USB 3.0, VGA Monitor and USB Type-C charging.

USB Type‐C is the new standard for connecting PCs and laptops and will eventually replace all current USB cables and connectors. This new USB standard can be found on laptops, phones, tablets, etc. The USB Type‐C has a slim and reversible design, so there is no wrong way to plug it in. USB Type‐C offers greater power delivery and faster data transfer rates of up to 10Gbps.


USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
* USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports
* Transfer rates of up to 5Gb/s, enable bulky file backup
* Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices
* Hot-swapping connect / disconnect without powering down

Display Alt Mode for VGA
* Supports display max resolution: 1920x1200@60Hz
* Supports 1080P Video Playback
* Supports Display Modes: Primary, Extended, Mirror
* Display Rotation: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°




Host Interface

USB Type-C Male

Video Interface

VGA Female connector

USB Port

USB 3.0 Female connector


Power Mode

Bus-powered or self-powered



Display resolution: 1920X1200@60Hz

Physical Specifications

Housing Material



Main body: 75.4 (H) x 37.8 (W) x 15.2 (D) mm
Cable Length : 9.8inch /25cm



System Requirements

* Available USB Type-C port (USB 3.0 is recommended)
* Available DisplayPort Alternate Mode over USB Type-C connector. DisplayPort v1.2 required on graphics card
 or video source to support 1920X1200@60Hz resolution.
* Available USB power delivery over USB Type-C to support upstream charging
* Perfect for Macbook and Chromebook.

Package Contents

* USB Type-C to VGA & USB 3.0 with Power Delivery (JCA378)
* Quick Installation Guide



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