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iF product design award 2013 - JUD500 Ultra Station

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j5create is proud to announce that out of 3,011 entries our JUD500 UltraStation won the iF Product Design Award for 2013 in the computer category!We are extremely proud of our engineering team year after year for creating such high quality products that are both elegant and functional.The UltraStation will be recognized with the renowned iF label!


In selecting j5create’s UltraStation, the judging team considered various criteria such as design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, visualization of intended use, safety, brand value and aspects of universal design.

For 60 years, theiF product design award has been an internationally recognized label for award-winning design and the iF brand has become a symbol for outstanding achievements in design. We are extremely proud to be honored with this award and pass the quality on to our customers each and every day!

2012 - j5create Wins COMPUTEX d&i Awards

The JUD500 is selected for COMPUTEX d& i Awards at COMPUTEX Taipei 2012 for its ground breaking docking station design and technology

Taipei, June 2012: j5create is proud to announce our premiere docking station, the Ultra Station (JUD 500), was selected for a Computex Taipei d& i Awardin the Peripherals and Accessories category at the COMPUTEX d&i show in June 2012.This award is organized by well-known iF design, Germany. With over 200 entries from 7 different countries at this year’s COMPUTEX, j5create is proud to add this award to our company’s profile.

The Ultra Station from j5create turns any laptop into a powerful work station with the full functionality of your desktop PC and more.With one simple USB 3.0 connection our docking station adds USB 3.0 ports, microphone, speakers, Ethernet, VGA and HDMI functionality to your laptop.The VGA or HDMI port can be used to extend your current display or add a second monitor to your laptop.The Ultra Station also comes with our unique Wormhole Technology built in.Wormhole Technology adds the ability to share your mouse and keyboard among multiple devices in addition to simple file sharing without complicated system configurations or software installations.

j5create manufactures superior quality computer accessories and peripherals including a full line of external display adapters, docking stations and our unique Wormhole Switch products. j5create is bringing innovative concepts into the market, making the usage of computer peripherals no longer complicated, providing the user with a simple and fun experience with a focus on being easy-to-use, while still enabling you to work with high efficiency.You can view the full line up of our products at

The Ultra Station, JUD 500, at the COMPUTEX Taipei 2012

You may now see the awarded products both on theiF website and the COMPUTEX TAIPEI website, these products will appear on both websites for an unlimited period of time under the following links:





Taipei, Taiwan May 29, 2012 – KaiJet Technology International Limited announced today that it has been named a Computex Taipei 2012 BEST CHOICE Award Honoree for its j5create Wormhole Station.


j5 Wormhole Switch Makes Peace Between Macs And PCs


[CES 2012] j5 Wormhole Switch Makes Peace Between Macs And PCs       By David Ponce

The Wormhole Switch from company j5create does something most of us simply assumed couldn't be done: easily transferring files between PCs and Macs. No need for a network, no need for drivers or to screw around with settings. You simply plug one end of the Wormhole cable into a USB port on each machine, and you're done. You can even control the pointer of one computer with the mouse of the other. They immediately behave a little like one giant screen, with the pointer seamlessly scrolling from one screen to the other; file transfer is then a simple matter of drag and drop.


j5create Wormhole Switch Brings KVM and File Sharing Across Mobile and Desktop

j5create Wormhole Switch Brings KVM and File Sharing Across Mobile and Desktop by Jason Inofuentes on 1/12/2012 10:02:00 AM Posted in Trade Shows , CES , CES 2012 , j5create Wormhole Switch , android , iOS j5create first revealed their Wormhole Switch as a simple way to control and share files across two Windows PC's. Connect both ends of the included cable to the separate computers, allow the driver to install, and then control both PC's from the keyboard and mouse of the one PC. The solution is simpler than remote desktop access solutions typically employed by IT professionals and was made more appealing when a version was released that brought the same fuctionality between PC's and OS X devices.


Wormhole Station connects Windows to Mac to Android to iOS

Wormhole Station connects Windows to Mac to Android to iOS By Jonathan Fincher

The PC and Mac advocates have been debating for years over which is superior, with good arguments on both sides; but a third, often overlooked camp exists: people who use both. If you're in that group, then you know how frustrating it can be to have the perks of both machines, but the downside of few easy options for sharing files or peripherals between the two. That's why tech manufacturer j5create has rolled out the Wormhole Switch and the Wormhole Station, which allow file transfers between PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, as well as keyboard and mouse sharing.


Multitasking Media Through the Wormhole

Multitasking Media Through the Wormhole             Geeksugar            by Kelly Schwarze

Be it a work or personal computer, the task of transferring large media from one computer is usually much more complicated than the simplicity of the request. Two products from technology accessories company j5 create promise to make file exchange as simple as a trip down a wormhole. A recipient of a CES 2012 Innovation Award, the Wormhole Station is a laptop docking station that shares the keyboard and mice functions across two computers simultaneously for drag-and-drop file transfers at superfast 5Gbps speed, which the company claims is about 160 songs per second. It includes outlets for USB 3.0 and memory card readers so that media from other devices is just as easily shareable among two desktops.


Wormhole Switch Give Windows and Mac Notebooks Interoperability

Wormhole Switch Give Windows and Mac Notebooks Interoperability by Meghan J. McDonough, LAPTOP Web Producer/Writer

LAS VEGAS– If you swing both ways when it comes to desktop OSes, you know the problem well– you want to transfer something from your PC to your Mac or vice versa. You could use Wi-Fi or a flash drive to move the files and then switch computers, but that takes time. j5create has come up with a solution to this with their Wormhole JUC 400 USB cable. This $39.99 cable allows you to drag files between one computer and another and to control both notebooks while only using the keyboard and touchpad on one of the computers– without having to install any software. Simply plug and go.


Great Business Gear for Under $60 - j5create The Great Connector

Great business gear for under $60 - j5create The great connector

Looking for something special for your favorite Mac businessperson? We've got some doozies for under $60.

The JUC 400 Wormhole switch from j5create is a simple looking device that lets you do amazing things. Using a single cable, the JUC400 lets you share a keyboard and mouse connected to one Mac or PC with another Mac or PC, in any combination.


For the Sharer: j5create Wormhole KM Switch

For the Sharer: j5create Wormhole KM SwitchThis small gadget called the j5create Wormhole KM Switch is perfect for when you need to transfer files back and forth from computers, or want toconnect and interact with a tablet. The USB to USB cable simplifies the sharing process, and allows you to control two devices with the samekeyboard and mouse, as well as copy and paste content between PCs. Cost: About $30

— Caitlin Berens and Nadine Heintz

j5create Adds Three New Products to Product Line

j5create Adds Three New Products to their Existing Line of Computer Peripherals

Two New Wormhole Switches and One New Wormhole Docking Station Give PC and Mac Users Unparalleled Cross-Compatibility Access

j5create, a manufacturer of computer usability and interface peripherals, introduced three new products featuring the company's exclusive Wormhole technology, which connects two computers to allow them to share keyboard and mouse inputs as well as drag-and-drop file transfers. The new products expand on this capability, reaching new heights for cross-compatibility with extended support for connecting to Apple Computers and Android devices. Like previous j5create products, the new products provide functionality and appealing design to users. All j5create products are now available at retailers nationwide, including Fry's Electronics,,, and the newest authorized distributor,


j5create Makes New Wormholes to Cross the Device Divide, Share Things

j5create makes new Wormholes to cross the device divide, share things By Mat Smith

j5create has updated its range of foolproof cross-device sharing accessories (prior model shown above) that bridge the gap between Mac, PC and even Android tablets through USB. The Wormhole Keyboard/MouseSwitch JUC 200 ($30) does what it says it will, sharing peripherals between devices, with the extra ability of drag-and-drop file transfer between PCs and Android devices. Meanwhile, The JUC 400 model ($40) allows your PC and Mac to hold hands in the same way, as well as link your PC to iPads for file storage and transfer.


j5create's Wormhole Station – Share data between PC and Macs

j5create's Wormhole Station – Share data between PC and Macs by Julie

j5create's new Wormhole Station JUH320V2 will let users easily drag and drop files and copy/paste text between PCs, and Apple computers via a simple USB connection with speeds of up to 480Mbps. It also allow users to connect a laptop or tablet to desktop computers and share keyboard and mouse inputs.


j5create as CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree

j5create as CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award Honoree

KaiJet Technology International Limited today announced that it has been named an International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for j5create Wormhole Station. Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 32 product categories.


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